More Messages: Nuggets Shooter

Since arriving in Denver, new Nugget Allen Iverson has been on his best behavior -- but his bad-boy reputation remains intact, as the folks at Saturday Night Live understand.

The venerable show's January 13 edition opened in typical fashion -- with a routine needling George W. Bush. Will Forte's been portraying Dubya of late, but this time around, Jason Sudeikis, seen here, donned the gray wig. (Is there a clause in the typical SNL contract stating that each cast member will get to play this role at least once? If so, when will it be Maya Rudolph's turn?) After referencing the plan to "surge" troops into Iraq -- a term only slightly less sexual than "spurt" -- Sudeikis/Bush announced that he had subsequently decided to send even more folks on this mission. Among those on his list were uniformed personnel accustomed to carrying guns, including security guards and, naturally, Allen Iverson.

He shoots! He scores! -- Michael Roberts

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