More Messages: Police Blotter Deja Vu

The arrest yesterday of Scott Cortelyou, the veteran host of radio's

Business For Breakfast

program, on suspicion of using the Internet to lure and sexually exploit a child was detailed in articles published today by the

Denver Post

and the

Rocky Mountain News

. However, neither of these pieces noted that Cortelyou took over his signature show after his predecessor, Keith Weinman, got into legal trouble of his own.

As documented in this 1997 Westword column, Weinman was arrested in August of that year for alleged domestic violence against his wife, Martha Gail Fallen -- yet KOA, the radio outlet where he was employed at the time (he also appeared on Channel 4), allowed him to stay on the air, where he did occasional live pitches for a mattress company. Eeessh. Weinman eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor harassment and disorderly conduct; he received a two-year deferred sentence and was ordered to get domestic-violence counseling. But the next year, as Westword noted in this followup, he was hospitalized after being found in his home south of Longmont with a head injury. According to reports at the time, Weinman told officers who found him that he was going through marital problems and wanted to commit suicide. He subsequently resigned from KOA, where he was replaced in late 1998 by -- you guessed it -- Scott Cortelyou.

In a bizarre twist, Weinman has not only resurrected his radio career, but he's actually co-hosting a show on Fort Collins/Loveland's KCOL-AM with Fallen, his ex-wife. (A Post item about this pairing can be accessed here, complete with Weinman's name misspelled as "Weisman" in the headline.) However, Cortelyou may have a tougher time duplicating this feat. Think of onetime radio eye-in-the-sky Sam Hammer, who was busted on child-pornography charges (the last section of this 2003 edition of the Message has the specifics) and eventually earned a sentence for hard time.

As for the folks at KRCN-AM, the current home of Business For Breakfast, they should be very, very careful when hiring the program's next host. Because the third time won't necessarily be the charm. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.