More Messages: Wall Street West

Certain members of the Denver Post staff continue to grumble about low morale and uncertainty in the wake of a buyout plan that shrunk the paper's editorial roster by barely half of a targeted 25 positions. (The last item in the June 15 Message column provides the details.) But these factors had nothing to do with first-rate Denver Nuggets beat writer Adam Thompson's decision to leave the broadsheet; July 21 is his last day. Rather, it was the opportunity to take what he calls "my dream job" -- a position at the Wall Street Journal.

"I'll be covering the business of sports," says Thompson, a New York native, "and that could be all kinds of things: stadium deals, Olympic bids, the way competing money drives so much of what happens in the games these days."

Thompson's departure is a loss for the Post, and a significant gain for the Journal, which has had its eye on Colorado writers of late. In fact, Thompson is the third Denver journalist to have been cherry-picked by the nation's business bible in the past year or so, following Kris Hudson, an excellent scribe who moved from the Post to the Journal's Dallas bureau, and David Kesmodel, a fine Rocky Mountain News reporter lured to the paper's online service,

Have the Denver dailies become a farm team for the Journal? Looks that way. As for Thompson, he has nothing but good things to say about his time at the Post, but he couldn't turn down the opportunity to move back East, even if the timing wasn't ideal. As he notes, "I'd just bought a place on Capitol Hill that I love." He adds, "If anybody wants to buy a gorgeous two-bedroom apartment from a very motivated seller, definitely call me." -- Michael Roberts

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