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More signs that Bob Beauprez wants to take on Michael Bennet

Our Monday Denver Blogs post linked a Colorado Pols item about Bob Beauprez, who lost to Bill Ritter in a 2006 gubernatorial bid, and now seems eager to take on Senator Michael Bennet in 2010. A Politico article Colorado Pols references finds Big Bob denigrating the chances that either Aurora city councilman Ryan Frazier and Weld County district attorney Ken Buck, the two announced challengers to Bennet, can actually win, given their weak fundraising efforts to date.

Granted, there hasn't been a groundswell of support for Beauprez, whose 2006 campaign is widely viewed as one of the weakest in recent Colorado electoral history. Indeed, a report in the Denver Post's Politics West section about Beauprez's possible candidacy contains the following quote from former Colorado Republican Party chairman Bob Martinez (a Frazier supporter): "The party needs a fresh face. I have not heard anybody saying Bob should run for the Senate."

Maybe not, but Beauprez is certainly using his personal website to position himself for a run. The address, dubbed "Line of Sight," contains one anti-Obama item after another, including a July 21 editor's letter arguing that the current president has declared war "against prosperity, the free-market system, what is known all over the planet as the American Dream," and an August 3 blog headlined "ObamaCare: It Will Make You Feel Sick."

Some Republicans probably fear that Beauprez-redux will have the same effect on them. But at this point, it's obvious that only a cash shortfall of the sort afflicting Frazier and Buck will keep him on the sidelines.

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