Denver Neighborhoods With the Most Violent Crimes So Far in 2017

Denver Neighborhoods With the Most Violent Crimes So Far in 2017
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Violent crime has gone up in Denver during the first half of 2017 as compared to the same period last year. But there's a wide variation in the number of these offenses from area to area. Denver Police Department statistics for all 78 officially designated city neighborhoods, as shared below, show that two of them didn't register a single violent crime through the initial six months of this year, while one was the setting for more than 150 offenses in the category.

At this writing, the DPD has compiled crime data from January through May of 2017. The following graphic reveals that the number of violent crimes — specifically homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault — are collectively up for each month of the year thus far in Denver proper over figures registered twelve months earlier.

More details, and more specifics, are accessible via the Denver Crime Map, an indispensable online tool overseen by the Denver Police Department. The map divides violent crime into three categories: murder, robbery and aggravated assault. It then provides the number of offenses in each neighborhood as well as crime density, a stat that reveals how many violent incidents took place per square mile.

The latter metric is a better way to compare neighborhoods that differ widely in terms of population and size than the number of crimes as a whole, and we've used it to rank them from one to 78. But we've provided the number of offenses, too, and as you'll see, there's often a close correlation between the violent crime total and the number that took place per square mile.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of surprises lurking within the digits, which correspond to the period between January 1 and July 1 of 2017. Some of them are happy, including the extremely low number of violent-crime incidents in many high-profile areas. But those who live and work in the heart of the city will find fewer reasons to cheer.

Here's the photo-illustrated breakdown, ordered from lowest to highest crime density.

Number 1 (tie): Indian Creek
Offense Count: 0
Crime Density: 0.00 per square mile

Number 1 (tie): Wellshire
Offense Count: 0
Crime Density: 0.00 per square mile

Number 3: DIA
Offense Count: 4
Crime Density: 0.09 per square mile

click to enlarge Hilltop neighborhood. - YOUTUBE FILE PHOTO
Hilltop neighborhood.
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Number 4: Hilltop
Offense Count: 2
Crime Density: 1.16 per square mile

Number 5: Washington Park
Offense Count: 2
Crime Density: 1.32 per square mile

Number 6: Country Club
Offense Count: 1
Crime Density: 1.54 per square mile

Number 7: Cory-Merrill
Offense Count: 2
Crime Density: 2.38 per square mile

Number 8: Fort Logan
Offense Count: 6
Crime Density: 2.26 per square mile

Number 9: Marston
Offense Count: 9
Crime Density: 2.84 per square mile

Number 10: Stapleton
Offense Count: 31
Crime Density: 3.45 per square mile

Number 11: Cherry Creek
Offense Count: 3
Crime Density: 3.58 per square mile

Number 12: Regis
Offense Count: 4
Crime Density: 3.93 per square mile

click to enlarge Belcaro neighborhood. - YOUTUBE FILE PHOTO
Belcaro neighborhood.
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Number 13: Belcaro
Offense Count: 5
Crime Density: 4.29 per square mile

Number 14: University
Offense Count: 6
Crime Density: 4.82 per square mile

Number 15: City Park
Offense Count: 4
Crime Density: 5.21 per square mile

Number 16: Skyland
Offense Count: 4
Crime Density: 5.24 per square mile

Number 17: Rosedale
Offense Count: 3
Crime Density: 5.32 per square mile

Number 18: Southmoor Park
Offense Count: 5
Crime Density: 5.37 per square mile

Number 19: Hampden South
Offense Count: 16
Crime Density: 5.50 per square mile

Number 20: Virginia Village
Offense Count: 11
Crime Density: 5.66 per square mile

Number 21: Gateway-Green Valley Ranch
Offense Count: 42
Crime Density: 5.71 per square mile

Number 22: Lowry Field
Offense Count: 15
Crime Density: 5.82 per square mile

Number 23: University Park
Offense Count: 7
Crime Density: 6.02 per square mile

Number 24: Bear Valley
Offense Count: 9
Crime Density: 6.66 per square mile

Number 25: Washington Park West
Offense Count: 6
Crime Density: 6.87 per square mile

click to enlarge Platt Park neighborhood. - YOUTUBE FILE PHOTO
Platt Park neighborhood.
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Number 26: Platt Park
Offense Count: 6
Crime Density: 7.33 per square mile

Number 27: South Park Hill
Offense Count: 11
Crime Density: 7.38 per square mile

Number 28: University Hills
Offense Count: 11
Crime Density: 7.58 per square mile

Number 29: Northeast Park Hill
Offense Count: 26
Crime Density: 7.80 per square mile

Number 30: Globeville
Offense Count: 19
Crime Density: 9.22 per square mile

Number 31: West Highland
Offense Count: 11
Crime Density: 9.79 per square mile

Number 32: Sloan Lake
Offense Count: 14
Crime Density: 10.01 per square mile

Number 33: Overland
Offense Count: 12
Crime Density: 10.69 per square mile

Number 34: Hampden
Offense Count: 31
Crime Density: 10.98 per square mile

Number 35: Auraria
Offense Count: 7
Crime Density: 10.85 per square mile

Number 36: Berkeley
Offense Count: 17
Crime Density: 11.35 per square mile

Number 37: Chaffee Park
Offense Count: 9
Crime Density: 11.45 per square mile

Number 38: Elyria Swansea
Offense Count: 30
Crime Density: 11.56 per square mile

Number 39: Congress Park
Offense Count: 12
Crime Density: 11.66 per square mile

Continue to count down the 39 Denver neighborhoods with the highest crime density during the first half of 2017.

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