Most Expensive Zip Codes for Rent in Colorado

Most Expensive Zip Codes for Rent in Colorado
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Eight of the ten zip codes with the highest average rent in an eight-state western region are in Denver. And the other two can also be found in the metro area.

The data was collected for a new report by RENTCafe that looks at America's most expensive zip codes for renters in 2018. The Colorado figures were assembled for Westword at our request as a supplement to the main analysis — and as you can see by the information shared below, it speaks volumes.

Rent prices have steadily escalated in the Mile High City over the past couple of years, with the rate of increases outpacing practically every market in the country. Look no further than a study released earlier this year that revealed rent in Denver proper has gone up 48 percent since 2010. Only the California Bay Area has seen a greater spike during that span.

Today, zip codes in numerous major metros across the country sport higher average rent than Denver, as shown in the RENTCafe graphic below.

Still, the average rent for Denver's 80206 zip code — $2,435 — is pricier than any other zip code in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

The list of the ten most expensive zip codes in Colorado is dominated by Denver, with the exception of zips in Boulder that finished fifth and one in Littleton that wound up in ninth place.

Other communities represented include Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, Windsor and even Brighton.

In all, RENTCafe looked at 78 zip codes in Colorado. The average rent for each is included here and ranked from most to least expensive. We've also indicated rent changes on a year-over-year basis. Costs in eleven zip codes went down over that period and one stayed static — meaning prices increased in 66.

Which isn't exactly a surprise.
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