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Reader: With Everyone Moving Here, My Beautiful Colorado Is Gone Forever

Reader: With Everyone Moving Here, My Beautiful Colorado Is Gone Forever
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife have euthanized close to 170 bears this year, and another 107 or so have been relocated, usually because of problematic interactions with or near human beings, including multiple break-ins of homes and cars, Michael Roberts reported this week. 

"Our agency has done yeoman's work in trying to educate the public about this issue," Dean Riggs, CPW deputy manager for the northwest region of the state, told him. "But it's a never-ending battle. There are thousands of people moving to Denver, and a lot of them come from an urbanized background where their only experience with bears is on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet."

Readers recognize the problem. Says Amelia: 
The people who are killing bears are the ones leaving trash out overnight in bear habitat. I have left notes on some trash cans where I live. In the mountains, you must have bear-proof trash cans or put the trash out right before pick up.
Adds Jerrod: 
Smashed out my car window, but I'm not calling Colorado Parks and Wildlife. When you live with them, you learn to leave them alone.
Responds Denise: 
Sickening how many animals have to die. It is sad. However, this article pointing out that thousands of people moving to Colorado are uneducated about wildlife is absurd! There are dangerous wild animals in every single state!
But then there's this from Kelly: 
All the rotten bastards moving here...soon every square inch of land will be built on, with nowhere for the animals. My beautiful Colorado is gone forever.
We know Denver is developing rapidly. But what do you think about what's happening outside the metro area?
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