Mr. Wizard Not a Wizard With Life*

There are two things I will remember Mr. Wizard (a.k.a. Don Herbert) for:

1. He was responsible for my mother beating my ass when I tried one of his experiments (It was the one where you suspend a glass of water upside down from a plate. It didn't work and when I watched same episode again a couple of months later, I saw I had forgotten to lay a wet paper towel on the plate.)

2. He wore the same sweater with dress undershirt combo that made me think of him as the white "Cosby".

I will forgive him for the beating I received because his show was one of things that made Nickelodeon back in the day must see TV (Along with You Can't Do That on Television, Salute Your Shorts and Today's Special)

I can't believe he is gone. And I can't believe how much Nickelodeon sucks now.

I'll pour out some baking soda and vinegar for ya homie. RIP. --Crystal Preston-Watson

*(Yes I went for the cheap joke. Haven't you seen my other post?)

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Crystal Preston-Watson