As you can see, the elephant is topless.

MSNBC versus the blue elephant at the DNC

Amid MSNBC's coverage of the Wednesday roll call of votes at the Democratic National Convention, a truck affiliated with a conservative organization -- I didn't catch the name -- rolled up to the curb opposite the net's headquarters to deliver the message, "Porn is Partisan" with the help of a jumbo blue elephant in the vehicle's bed. So no Republicans vote for video naughtiness by repeatedly pulling on a certain lever while surfing the net? Mmmm-kay. At any rate, the people inside didn't seem truly dedicated to disrupting the proceedings. After giving the truck's horn a shy toot-toot, they sped away -- or at least they went as fast as a truck with a giant inflated creature clnging to its rear can. Good one, guys. Now whenever I download porn, I'll fantasize about the stars of the show getting it on with pachyderms. Kinky! -- Michael Roberts

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