That's Pat Buchanan on the lower level of MSNBC's Election Express.

MSNBC's Pat Buchanan in time out at the DNC

I arrived at MSNBC's Democratic National Convention headquarters about midway through the roll call of votes that finally resulted in the formal nomination of Barack Obama as the Dems' presidential standard-bearer. Speakers amplified the voices of co-hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. The tops of their heads could be seen from a distance, but not by the throng of several hundred average folks -- supplemented by vendors and attention-seekers such as marijuana advocate Mason Tvert, who passed out pro-pot pamphlets -- gathered near the building's base. Strangely, though, creaky pundit Pat Buchanan was left sitting all by his lonesome at a table beneath the primary anchors, as if he was part of a really unpopular display at Madame Tussauds. He stayed in place for at least ten minutes, totally neglected, until a technician helped him up and led him away. Wonder what he did to get in so much trouble... -- Michael Roberts


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