MSU Denver Students Clearly Don't Have Enough to Confess

Pity the folks behind the MSU Denver Confession Facebook page.

They tried for over a year to get the page going, with a stated goal of rivaling or surpassing the biggest page of its type in the area, CU Boulder Confessions.

But alas, the mission failed: The last post went up last August.

Why didn't it work? Maybe MSU Denver students just don't have as much to confess as their peers in Boulder.

See what we mean by checking out these photo-illustrated highlights from MSU Denver Confessions.

Confession: I mostly do my dishes in the nude. I have no kitchen, so they're always staring at me from my bathroom sink before I get in the shower. Bite the bullet, I say. Git 'er dun.

Confession: I have a pretty lousy health condition. I also miss a ton of class. Some of them take strict attendance. Others don't give a shit as long as you pass. I blame all of it on my health. Truthfully, only 40% percent is due to my health. The other 60% is late nights drinking, nights spent reading Game of Thrones, or being flat out too lazy to drag myself out of bed for gen ed classes I hate. Still passed with A's and B's. No fucks given.

Confession: To the girl who I slapped on the ass in the library, I'm sorry I thought you were one of my sigma sisters!

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