Mystery light over Denver: UFO? Planet? Jelly fish!?

Over the weekend, when Park Hill's Jai Harris saw a light in the northwest sky, she did what any tech-savvy person would -- pointed a camera at it, set the footage to moody piano music, created some informative and/or speculative graphics (she asks if viewers think it's a UFO, a planet, a star or a jelly fish), and uploaded the results to YouTube. The clip quickly caught the attention of folks at Channel 31, who asked site visitors to share their views. The commenters vary from those who see it as a "hoax" -- but a hoax of what? -- to a couple who saw the same phenomenon and reported it to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), whose annual symposium takes place here in July. Let's hope we haven't been enslaved by jelly fish before then...

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