Nail salons get dealt a bad hand: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Fellow artists often confess to me that they have a difficult time drawing hands. I like to remind them that artists are not cameras, and then I encourage them to completely accept their artistic limitations as the only true form of personal expression. I am happy to see that the painter of the window pictured above lives by this creed and has been able to turn what might otherwise be considered a badly drawn hand into a portrait of a jackal getting hit in the face with a pink thermos. Look below for another hoary hand of lady fingers... I love the gesture of the hand pictured above. The ragged line of the wrist and pale gray-green color makes this illustration look like the severed limb of a male cadaver. Or a cartoon depiction of a ginseng root that is jogging while wearing a blue sweat band and matching red trainers and glove.
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Kenny Be
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