Natasha Léger is an Indian Creek neighborhood icon: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Indian Creek is a tiny neighborhood in southeast Denver that is wedged somewhere between 1982 and the Denver Tech Center. There are no shopping areas or restaurants within its boundaries. Indian Creek is a strictly residential neighborhood of modest homes in managed subdivisions that appeal to professionals who love to discuss by-laws at potlucks in cul-de-sacs. Meet Natasha Léger... Natasha Léger is an Indian Creek professional who has amassed an impressive collection of diplomas that starts with a Bachelor's Degree in International Affairs from the University of Denver and ends with a Juris Doctor from Boston College. She is the founder and President of ITF Advisors, an advisory firm with a focus on communications and geospatial data companies.

At work, Natasha uses scenario-based global strategies to help companies develop business plans. At home in Indian Creek, Natasha is president of the Hunt Club Homeowners Association and uses similar strategic assumptions to assist her subdivision neighbors in developing robust reserve funds for clubhouse maintenance and practical reminders to keep the lids on recycling bins closed.

Whether helping companies identify unforeseen risks, or encouraging neighbors to use low-energy CFL bulbs, Natasha's life is devoted to helping others reinvigorate their potential and position themselves for growth and opportunity.

In her own life, Natasha is most happy when people remember to keep the gate leading to the Highline Canal closed and locked.

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