National Condom Week: Sir Richard's will donate a love glove for every tweet

It's National Condom Week and Sir Richard's Condoms, a Boulder company known for its one-for-one condom deal, is celebrating.

How? Anytime you tweet or post to Facebook "your love for condoms," Sir Richard's will donate a condom to its project in Haiti.

Sir Richard's CEO Jim Moscou announced the campaign from New York City, where he's attending COMMON pitch NYC, sponsored by Alex Bogusky's COMMON.

"I just got a text saying we've already had tens of thousands of people contributing and we have the technology to track it," Moscou says. "It's really cool. Our donations have really gone up for the week."

On Monday, Sir Richard's announced a 500,000 condom donation to Haiti. "We're not just giving condoms, we're designing them with local Haitian artists, musicians and creatives," Moscou says. "They've helped us name and design the condoms for Haiti."

Sir Richard's Hatitian condom brand name is "KORE", a Haitian slang term which means "I have your back." According to Moscou, "The idea is, we developed it to resonate with users in the U.S., but we also want our contributions to resonate with the countries we're donating to as well. So we're collaborating with locals."

Now that the KORE design has been chosen, Sir Richard's needs to manufacture the condoms. "We're looking at a final delivery to Haiti sometime in May," he says.

To make a condom contribution to Haiti, check out Sir Richard's promotion and share your love for condoms.

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