Need a ride on NYE? Check out this lawyer's deal

Michael Sawaya has your number -- and it's the number of any cab company in metro Denver. If you grab a cab on New Year's Eve rather than getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, he'll reimburse you for that cab ride. All you have to do is send the receipt (for up to $35) and a copy of your driver's license to the Sawaya Law Firm.

This is the third year that Sawaya has offered the holiday cab deal. "We've paid out probably $25,000 total," he says. "It's been an expensive program." But he's more than happy to pay the price.

"I'd like to see more education about drunk driving," Sawaya adds. "There doesn't seem to be a concerted effort that would really try to teach people. It's a dirty, dark secret that on holidays, there are a lot of people who should not be on the road."

He sees a lot of those people -- or their victims -- in his law practice. "I've worked personally on about 15,000 auto cases," he says. "I've seen all that can happen."

If enough people take advantage of his deal, maybe a little less will happen this New Year's Eve. And Fourth of July, and Halloween -- two other days when he offers the deal. "We may also try to do it on St. Patrick's Day," Sawaya says. "Any of the major holidays when people drink too much."

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