An outdoor cafe at 7-Eleven...and a pot shop. What's not to love?
An outdoor cafe at 7-Eleven...and a pot shop. What's not to love?

New Survey Asks: Do You Feel Safe on the 16th Street Mall?

How do you feel about the 16th Street Mall? That's been a big topic of discussion over the past two weeks. The day I posted this piece about ten reasons to love the mall,

But even before that dismaying beating outside the Rock Bottom Brewery — and the even more dismaying fourteen-minute response time from the Denver Police Department — downtown boosters had launched a revisioning project looking at the future of the mall. Components of the project include the Meet in the Street series, which moved buses off the mall for six days to allow more pedestrian interaction, as well as an official survey of more than 2,000 people conducted by Corona Insights. Among other things, that survey asked respondents to complete the following sentence: “If I wanted to give a guest an authentic downtown Denver experience, then I would want to include…” You can see the rest of that survey's questions here.

But there's another, less scientific service now under way, which specifically addresses security on the 16th Street Mall. Here's the fine print on that:

The Downtown Denver Partnership is working with the City and County of Denver, RTD, the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, Brookfield Property Partners, and KPMG to create a comprehensive security strategy to ensure Downtown Denver is a place where people feel safe and comfortable. The Downtown Security Action Plan will provide a structure to leverage the resources of all stakeholders to more efficiently address security on the Mall, and enhance consumer confidence in the space.

To better understand perceptions and opportunities for improvement, we are conducting a survey of Mall stakeholders and will use the resulting data to supplement project efforts and to help identify potential strategies and programs to include in the Plan. We are constantly seeking to provide the best experience for those who work, live and play in Downtown Denver, and would appreciate your input to this important initiative.

Please complete this short survey (5 minutes or less) by August 26. Thank you!

The mall on the night of the beating outside Rock Bottom.
The mall on the night of the beating outside Rock Bottom.

The survey has just fourteen questions, and includes this classic: 

Which of the following factors impacts your perception of safety downtown? (Select all that apply)
-Building/facade disrepair
-Odors and smells
-Drug dealing/consumpion
-Groups of unruly individuals
-Sidewalk or transit lane disrepair
-Petition solicitation
-RTD Free MallRide shuttle experience
-Limited pedestrian space
-Unlit or dark alleys
-Dark streets and absence of sidewalk lighting
-Nothing, I feel safe downtown
-Other (please specify)

What, no stampeding bros in search of a public bathroom where none exist?

Want to fill out the survey? You have one more day to do so; find it here.

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