Next 11 States That May Legalize Marijuana According to 24/7 Wall Street

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Presidential candidates such as Donald Trump and Chris Christie have declared their opposition to broader legalization of marijuana and have used Colorado as an example of why additional states shouldn't make such a move.

But plenty of other observers are betting that limited marijuana sales will be approved by voters or legislators in a lot more places, giving ganjapreneurs the sort of opportunities that businesspeople in Colorado currently enjoy.

That's the conclusion of a new piece from 24/7 Wall Street, a business-centric website.

Authors Sam Stebbins, Thomas C. Frohlich and Michael B. Saute have produced a list of eleven states they believe are likeliest to follow Colorado down the legalization path — and only two are from the West. Indeed, the majority are from the New England area, which represents more than half the roster.

Just as interesting as the predictions, though, are the dollars-and-sense perspectives of the source. As time goes on, more and more business-news agencies such as 24/7 Wall Street are portraying marijuana as a growth industry — and the more states that legalize cannabis, the more the trend is likely to continue.

Whether Donald Trump and Chris Christie like it or not.

Continue to see the eleven states cited by 24/7 Wall Street, featuring brief excerpts from the site's text and photos originally shared in our 2015 Cannabis Cup Day 2 slide show; they capture the types of scenes that could become possible in these locations should their laws change. To see the original post, with much more information, click here.

1 . Massachusetts

Though the state’s marijuana policy is relatively progressive, it appears that decriminalization has not gone far enough for the majority of voters. In a poll released last year by the Boston Herald, 53% of state residents were in favor of legalizing marijuana, while only 37% were against....

2. Nevada

Voters will have a chance to pass the Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana in November 2016. If passed, legalization will have a dramatic effect on arrest rates and police resources. As of 2012, there were about 8,500 marijuana-related arrests in Nevada, the 14th highest arrest rate in the country....

3. California

Two bills proposing marijuana regulation are now on the table, though the success of each remains to be seen. A great deal may be at stake in the success or failure of marijuana-law reform in California. According to St. Pierre, because of the state’s sheer size and influence, the viability of federal legislation relies largelyon the precedent California might set....

4. New York

In early July, 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a medical marijuana bill into law. There are currently two bills to legalize and tax marijuana in the legislature, which is on break....

5. Vermont

According to a Rand research study on marijuana legalization, Vermonters consumed between 15 to 25 metric tons of marijuana, worth between $125 million and $225 million, in 2014. More than 19% of state residents twelve years and over reported using marijuana in the past year, the third highest share nationwide....

6. Minnesota

According to a study conducted by SAMHSA, from 2010 through 2013, Minnesota teenagers’ attitudes toward occasional marijuana use have relaxed. In 2010, 70.9% of 12-17-year old state residents did not consider smoking pot once a month to be risky behavior. By 2013, 75.4% of teenagers held the same perception....

7. Connecticut

Currently, the state also has several bills in the legislature that would legalize marijuana use for adult residents and regulate the industry....

8. Maryland

Governor Larry Hogan signed a bill supported by marijuana legalization advocates during the current legislative session. The Second Chance Act, under certain circumstances, permits individuals convicted of possessing marijuana, to have their arrest shielded from some records requests....

9. Rhode Island

There is currently a bill awaiting review in the state legislature that would effectively legalize and regulate recreational use of marijuana. Though the Rhode Island legislature went on summer recess before the Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act received final approval, lawmakers may have a chance to review the bill again before year’s end....

10. Maine

In 2013, Portland, the state’s most populous city, voted to legalize possession of small amounts of the drug for adults. While this still goes against state policy, and law enforcement has continued to enforce Maine’s prohibition of the drug, it is a sign of the public’s willingness to make a change....

11. Delaware

According to a 2014 survey conducted by the University of Delaware, 56% of respondents in the state agreed that “the use of marijuana should be made legal.” Governor Jack Markell signed in June 2015 a law officially making Delaware the 20th state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.