Night & Day featured event: Spontaneous Combustion


Denver style maven Brandi Shigley, who grew up on a steady diet of musicals and variety shows like Hee Haw and The Muppet Show, is still an admitted fan: "So when the opportunity came up to host my own evening at the Meadowlark, I decided to make it be this colorful concoction of talent all in one night," she says. "It just made sense, because so many of my friends are these amazing and talented comedians and filmmakers and musicians and artists."

So the idea for Spun, short - sorta - for "spontaneous fun," was born. A low-key variety talent night hosted by Shigley, Spun debuts tonight at 8 p.m. at the Meadowlark, 2701 Larimer Street.

This month's guests and events include fashions by Funky Orange, films by Johnny Morehouse, visuals by Dizy Pixl and acoustic music by members of B. Sous and Chewbacca Bukkake (one of Shigley's many sidelines), and it'll all shuffle on and off in a loose schedule; admission is $5 at the door.

"It'll be random spontaneity in an organized fashion - I'm such a spreadsheet nerd, so it has to be organized - and with no expectations, just some good old-fashioned Hee Haw kind of fun," Shigley promises. And beginning in January, Spun will continue monthly on the last Wednesday of every month.

Go to http://www.fashiondenver.com for details. -- Susan Froyd

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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