NPR drinks up New Belgium Brewery's energy policy in pre-debate Fort Collins series

In the build-up to tonight's presidential debate in Colorado, the folks at National Public Radio have been focusing on Fort Collins. The final part of the series, which aired today, focuses on energy policy...and also brewskis, since a significant portion of the segment features New Belgium Brewery's efforts to combine suds and sustainability.

New Belgium's Jenn Vervier, the director of sustainability for the firm, is the main spokesperson for New Belgium's efforts to use energy as efficiently as possible -- by, for example, only making ice at night, since it's colder then, and processing wastewater to produce methane gas used to generate electricity.

Also of note are solar panels that account for about 15 percent of the electricity New Belgium uses. They were purchased using grants from federal stimulus legislation.

If that sounds too pro-Obama (or pro-George W. Bush), there's some balance in the piece: Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is heard speaking in Larimer County -- and mentioning the word "renewables."

Here's the segment.

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