Nuggets announcer Scott Hastings does not think highly of Jay Cutler

The notion that Jay Cutler may not be cut from Super Bowl-quarterback cloth -- with his feet-dragging, shoulder-shrugging poutiness and otherwise fifth-grade body language -- has been simmering beneath the surface for a while now, since around the time he singlehandedly lost the Dolphins game. But after a tumultuous few days, NFL observers and even some Broncos fans seem to be coming to a consensus:

Cutler needs to grow up. And shut up. Fast.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski wrote the best anti-Cutler piece this week, systematically dismantling the whiny approach taken by the strong-armed (and even stronger-tear-ducted) quarterback after the Broncos talked about trading him for Matt Cassell. But earlier today, Nuggets analyst/former Broncos color commentator Scott Hastings dropped the cherry on top of Wojciechowski's zip-it sundae when he called Cutler, among other things, a little bitch."

You can listen to Hastings' rant yourself; he delivered it on Dan Patrick's radio show this morning. But if your office doesn't appreciate you streaming little-bitch bombs, here are highlights, via cnnsi.com:

Jay Cutler lost Hastings' respect when he claimed his arm is stronger than John Elway's. This was just a stupid thing to say because Elway is a legend in Denver, so saying something like that just angers the fan base. He calls Cutler an "arrogant little punk" and should wake up to the reality that he's the QB of an NFL football team and should act like a leader. He also referred to Cutler as a "little bitch."

-- When Josh McDaniel was introduced as head coach, Cutler didn't even appear at the press conference. Hastings thinks that as the team leader, Cutler should've done everything in his power to appear there to support the new coach. He is, after all, the team leader.

-- Dan asks Hastings if he'd rather have Brandon Marshall or Cutler. Hastings says he'd rather have Marshall, calling him a great guy.

It's fairly childish language for a guy who gets paid to talk, but let's be honest: Is anyone disagreeing?

H/T: Deadspin

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