Nuggets dancers audition countdown prep classes: Do you have what it takes? (PHOTOS)

With the Denver Nuggets' playoff run done, the Nuggets Dancers are gearing up for next season with a series of classes to ready prospective new members for the rigorous audition process. To get you in the mindset for the next get-together, a nutrition and work-out session at 7 p.m. tomorrow, we've supplemented info on classes through July 7 with photos from the Nuggets Dancers Facebook page, focusing on Lauren and Nicole. They're ready for the opening tip. Are you? Check out the gallery below. Prep class info and registration:

Audition prep classes are designed to introduce dancers to the style of choreography performed by Nuggets Dancers. Classes are open to all dancers over 16 years of age (Dancers under 18 years of age will need to have a parent or guardian present to sign a waiver on their behalf).

A different routine, performed by the 2010-2011 Nuggets Dancers, will be taught at each prep class. That's a total of 14 different dances! Prep class participants will have the opportunity to speak with current Nuggets Dancers and have a Q&A session with Nuggets Dancers Director/Choreographer, Amy Jo Wagner. Q&A topics will vary from class to class and will include: tips on audition and interview attire, professional make-up application and hair styling, resume writing, and interview preparation.

All prep classes are held at Pepsi Center from 7-8:45pm Registration begins at 6:30pm. For your safety, please DO NOT arrive any early than 6:30pm. The cost of individual prep classes is $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Payments must be received 24 hours prior to the start of the prep class. Early registration is highly recommended. Multi-class packages (7 classes of your choice) are available at a discounted rate of $18 per class ($126 due on or before your first class). Dancers interested in taking all 14 classes (remember - a different routine will be taught at each class) can take advantage of a 20% discount and pay just $16/class! ($126 due on or before May 11, $98 due on or before June 15).


* Enrollment in prep classes does not guarantee a position with the Nuggets Dancers.

Prep Class Dates & Discussion Topics:

A different routine, performed by the 2010-11 Nuggets Dancers, will be taught at each prep class. After the dance portion of the class, Nuggets Dancers Coordinator & Choreographer Amy Jo Wagner will lead Q&A sessions focusing on various topics. Q&A topics are listed and described below:

# Wed. May 11: 7-8:45 pm

* The Audition Countdown -- Learn how to take the stress out of the audition process! Tips for planning out the 7 weeks leading up to the big day including when to order your audition outfit, when to schedule your hair and make-up consultations, and much more.

# Wed. May 18: 7-8:45 pm

* Nutrition & Work-Out -- No crash dieting allowed! We'll make it easy to get your body into shape by giving you general nutrition and workout tips as well as sample meal plans and free yoga* to help you get in great shape.(*free 1 week passes for new clients only)

# Wed. May 25: 7-8:45 pm

* Audition Attire -- What to wear on audition day takes planning! We'll offer tips on how to make your own audition outfit, where to buy custom designs, and what things to avoid when selecting your audition and interview attire.

# Wed. June 1: 7-8:45 pm

* Headshots-- How do the judges remember who #167 was? By looking at her headshot! Learn all the Do's and Don'ts of headshots from selecting your outfit to printing your photos.

# Tues. June 7: 7-8:45 pm

* Choreography Showcase -- Jazz? Hip-Hop? Lyrical? Learn what styles stand out at auditions and what small additions can leave a lasting impression with the judges.

# Thurs. June 9: 7-8:45 pm

* Nutrition & Work-Out II -- One month until the big day! We'll offer more tips on what to eat in the days & weeks leading up to auditions. We'll also offer a few new exercises to help you tone up arms, legs and your mid-section.

# Mon. June 13: 7-8:45 pm

* Resume Writing & Tips -- What do the judges really want to know about you? Find out what to include (and what to leave out) on your resume.

# Wed. June 15: 7-8:45 pm

* Interview Preparation -- Once you've made hooked the judges on your performance ability it's time to win them over with your personality! We'll discuss what to wear, what questions to be prepared for, and how to practice your interview skills

# Tues. June 21: 7-8:45 pm

* Audition Hair Styling -- Nuggets Dancers hair stylists will offer tips and give demonstrations on how to style different types of hair for auditions.

# Thurs. June 23: 7-8:45 pm

* Audition Hairstyling - Nuggets Dancers hair stylists will offer tips and give demonstrations on how to style different types of hair for auditions.

# Mon. June 27: 7-8:45 pm

* Audition Make-Up -- Learn the tricks to glamming up your look and keeping your make-up looking flawless throughout the audition day.

# Wed. June 29: 7-8:45 pm

* Audition Make-Up -- Learn the tricks to glamming up your look and keeping your make-up looking flawless throughout the audition day.

# Wed. July 6: 7-8:45 pm

* Last Minute Prep -- Only 2 days left until the big day! Nothing to wear? No headshot? No problem! We'll help you get everything in order before Saturday morning!

# Thurs. July 7: 7-8:45 pm

* Audition day checklist -- Audition day is almost here -- are you ready? Join us for last minute audition tips and receive an audition day checklist that you can use to make sure you have everything covered on audition day.

Prep Class Registration: To register, please print and complete the Prep Class Registration Form. Dancers will be allowed to register at the door, but advanced registration is appreciated. Mail completed form along with $20 (cash or check*) for each prep class to:

Denver Nuggets Dancers Attn: Amy Jo Wagner Prep Class Registration 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, CO 80204

*Make check payable to Denver Nuggets Dancers

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