Nyeesha Gonzalez, Habitual Drunk Driver, Tries to Punch Cop in Face After Hit-and-Run?

What's among the worst ways to convince a police officer you're completely innocent of a hit-and-run crash? Trying to punch him in the face after admitting you're a habitual drunk driver. That's among the alleged reasons Gonzalez has now been charged with hitting and running in a violent weekend smash-up. Continue for photos, details and the police report.

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At about 4:12 p.m. on November 16, according to the aforementioned probable cause statement, officers headed to the intersection of East 14th Avenue and North Quebec Street on a report of an injury-accident. But before they arrived at the scene, dispatchers revealed that one of the drivers had climbed from her smashed vehicle and was fleeing on foot.

She didn't get far. Two people pointed the cops in the direction of Gonzalez, who was corralled on the 1500 block of North Rosemary Street.

She doesn't appear to have been very happy about the situation. The report says she began shouting at the officer that she "didn't do nothing wrong" -- this despite the individuals above having already identified her as having caused the crash.

Her believability wasn't helped by the sort of description police officers are taught to use in reports to denote intoxication: "bloodshot and watery eyes, slow, slurred and mumbled speech, a strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage from her breath, and very unsteady balance."

Gonzalez is quoted as saying she couldn't possibly have been piloting the vehicle in the crash because "she is unable to drive" as a "habitual offender," the statement maintains.

After refusing to cooperate with sobriety tests, the report continues, the officer tried to put Gonzalez in custody, "at which point she attempted to punch me in the face."

This blow missed, but the Denver District Attorney's Office didn't. Gonzalez has now been formally charged with two counts of vehicular assault, plus leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury, aggravated driving after revocation, resisting arrest and no proof of insurance. She's scheduled to make her first court appearance tomorrow.

Here's a look at Gonzalez's booking photo, followed by the probable cause statement.

Nyeesha Gonzalez Probable Cause Statement.pdf

Correction: A photo in the original version of this post was mislabeled as being Nyeesha Gonzalez. It has been removed. We regret the error.

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