O no-no's: ten things black people shouldn't do to celebrate Obama's victory

10. No uncontrollable giggling. 9. No naming babies "Barack" or "Obama" or any mash-up of his name. 8. No changing your e-mail to 7. No smugly walking up to white people and saying, "Boo-Yah!" 6. There will be no "Hustle," "Running Man," "'Electric Slide" or dances inspired by Soulja Boy. 5. No Negro Spirituals or suggestions to change the National Anthem to "Lift E’vry Voice and Sing." 4. No quoting Wesley Snipes from the movie Passenger 57 -- the part when he said, "See? I told you. Always bet on black." 3. No taking a day off from work... this isn't a holiday! 2. Do not refer to the president-elect as “My Nigga." 1. And no expecting that forty acres and a mule. -- Elena Brown


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