Occupy Denver: David Lane to use Mayor Michael Hancock's honks against him in court

And so it begins. At a Monday hearing, Occupy Denver and the City and County of Denver will face off in a courtroom over attorney David Lane's motion for an injunction against the enforcement of municipal ordinances seen as restricting the protest's free speech -- like, for instance, honks in support of the movement. But Westword has obtained some of the plaintiff's exhibits, and they suggest that irony will be a major strategy.

The main recurring theme throughout the exhibits we have access to is a suggestion of hypocrisy. While one of the most notable members of the plaintiff, Daniel Garcia, was ticketed for honking in support of Occupy Denver, his legal team has collected evidence of the man a few steps behind that ticket supporting the same action, albeit in different circumstances.

Exhibits one through eight cover a pre-election campaign strategy for Mayor Michael Hancock -- one that revolves around, you guessed it, honking. The collection comes in a series of screen shots taken by Christopher Dodd, an investigator and legal assistant for Lane's firm Kilmer, Lane & Newman. The first few screenshots mark events organized for the purpose of encouraging honks from motorized passersby on a different corner of Colfax this past June. Participants in the event, referred to as a "Honk 'n' Wave," are joined in photographs by Hancock himself on a day that likely didn't lead to any tickets for city ordinance 54-71's "horns and other warning devices" entry. While Garcia admitted to "two or three" honks in support of the occupation, he did not confess any waves. Perhaps that's the key?

Continue through for both sides' most recent responses to the motion for a temporary restraining order: Response in opposition to plaintiffs' motion for a TRO

Plaintiffs Reply in Support of Motion for TRO

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