Occupy Denver: Michael Moore calls CBS4 reporter "punk media" liar -- on CBS4 (VIDEO)

Ever wondered what it's like to get up in Michael Moore's grill? The answer: It's not awesome. CBS4 reporter Evrod Cassimy discovered that firsthand last night when, after the filmmaker's brief and delayed speech at Occupy Denver, he might have missed the point. The video below shows Cassimy provoking Moore to call him a "punk media" liar after he asks about the documentarian's millions. (It turns out Moore is the same on both sides of the camera.)

"How do you help these people?" Cassimy asked Moore during last night's broadcast, which immediately followed a speech in which Moore encouraged the occupation's trend of helping itself.

Although Moore attracted a crowd, his real audience were those who identify as occupiers, a group Moore repeatedly reminded the crowd were the real focus -- not him. "The rest of the country sees this," he told a crowd of approximately 600 people -- which begs the question of how many people saw him later school CBS4 on camera.

Cassimy, a CBS4 anchor who was previously involved in a different controversy over a photo of himself with Chris Brown on his CBS4 bio page, followed Moore as he departed for a book signing at the Tattered Cover on Colfax and quizzed him about the $50 million he's rumored to be worth. Moore, with typically eloquent aggression, answered calmly and pointedly.

"Is that what you do?" Moore asks Cassimy. "Sell rumors? You're just punk media, is all you are. You lie. You lie to people."

In recent weeks, much of the attention to Occupy Denver has been muddled by contradictory facts, particularly in the number of total arrests and allegations that John Sexton knocked over a police motorcycle. Yesteday's speech from Moore drew attention to the occupation again, albeit with a variety that is likely to be temporary. Within ten minutes of Moore's departure from the scene, most of the crowd he drew had disappeared. For the rest, the result was sloppy joes as usual.

That departure, however, also heralded a demand from Moore. "Just don't lie," he tells Cassimy. "OK?"

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