Occupy Denver: Read what the 99 percent would change about the world, courtesy of Twitter

If you're not paying attention to Occupy Denver news on Twitter, you're missing some of the strongest and most readily available social commentary on the movement. (You're also, of course, missing a great deal of infighting and Internet trolling.) This week, Occupy Denver asked Twitter followers what they would change about the United States. The answers (below) lend greater understanding to the issues that concern the occupiers.

Since Occupy Wall Street's inception, it has been plagued by allegations that protesters don't actually know what they're protesting. The difficulty here, that of identifying a central message among thousands, is echoed by one Twitter user, @squashstreet, who responded to Occupy Denver's request with the message below:

In the meantime, we chose some of the most interesting takes below. Search Twitter for @OccupyDenver to see the entire range of responses. More from our Occupy Denver archive: "Occupy Denver elects a new leader: Shelby, a Border Collie mix."

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