Office party contest at Loews

The news hasn't been good this holiday season. The world is at war, travel is expensive, companies are canceling Christmas parties, and the economy, well, you know...


But Loews Denver Hotel,

4150 East Mississippi Avenue
, which is making a habit of turning bad financial news on its head, is offering people a chance to make the season a little brighter. The hotel has put a together a Scrooged contest in which workplaces that can't afford an office party this year can submit three-minute videos to YouTube featuring their boss and the reasons why the office deserves a festive holiday gathering.


The winner -- who will be announced December 1 -- gets a free "four diamond" holiday party with all the trimmings, including a reception, a bar and live entertainment. But submissions are DUE TODAY, November 28, by posting the video and sending a link to Loews director of marketing Cindy Lew (more on her in a moment) at clew@loewshotels.com.


Here is a link to some of the submissions so far.


In June, Loews Hotels took advantage of news airline polices that came out this year charging money for baggage. The hotel gave customers $15 off their bill when they showed a receipt from United, American or any other airline that charged checked bag fees. "We're always coming up with something new," Lew said.


Is that right, Cindy Lew? Well, maybe it's because you have experience with Scrooges and Grinches. Yes, while Lew denies that she is same Cindy Lou Who who starred in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," we aren't so sure. - Jonathan Shikes


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