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Oklahoma Stripper Stephen Moore Guilty of Stalking, Child Abuse, Upskirting

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Update: Last August, we told you about the arrest in Aspen of Stephen Moore, a 22-year-old exotic dancer from Oklahoma, on charges related to stalking and upskirting — taking video up girls' skirts; our previous coverage has been incorporated into this post.

Now, Moore has pleaded guilty in the case.

But the father of one victim wants him to spend extended time in a cell for his crimes rather than getting off with a wrist slap.

A resident of Owasso, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, Moore is said to have worked as an exotic dancer at Area 18 Bar and Ultra Lounge, a venue that caters to a gay clientele.

The owner of Area 18 confirmed to the Aspen Times that Moore had been a dancer there, but he'd split a few weeks earlier — and he found his way to Aspen.

His alleged actions there were documented by both the Times and the Aspen Daily News , drawing from a creepy arrest affidavit.

At about 7:10 p.m. on Tuesday, August 11, according to the report, a caller told an operator at the Aspen Police Department about a man later identified as Moore who'd been spotted walking past the girls near Boogie's, an enterprise on Cooper Avenue — and then he "took pictures up their skirts."

The cops subsequently found Moore on Aspen's Hyman Avenue Mall. which was packed with tourists at the time.

The girls, ages fourteen and fifteen, told the cops that Moore had been following them throughout the day. But he initially claimed to have simply tapped one of the pair on the shoulder and asked how old she was — and after she told him, he walked away without snapping any shots.

He was then asked to show the officers the most recent photos on his phone — and he offered up a shot of his shoes from late June.

But when pressed, the affidavit says, he admitted to having been "taking photos of girls' butts." He added, "But there's nothing illegal about that. Aspen's full of so many beautiful women."

This explanation didn't do the trick for the cops, who cuffed Moore and made ready to take him into custody. But while one of the officers was throwing away an ice cream cone Moore had been eating, the suspect took out his phone and apparently tried to delete some images, then took off running.

He didn't get far. Moore soon ran over a nine-year-old boy, who smashed his face into the ground, suffering some broken teeth, a cut to his forehead that needed to be stitched up and a concussion.

Afterward, Moore was chastened. The report quotes him as saying, “I’m caught, and I need it. This confirms it. I have a problem." He added that he wanted to speak with a counselor — and he's said to have voluntarily showed the officer the videos he'd taken of the two girls.

A similar theme was struck when Moore appeared at a hearing on charges of stalking, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and assault causing serious bodily injury. When the prosecutor requested a $50,000 bond, Moore didn't complain and again reiterated that he wanted to address his issues.

This week, the Daily News reports, Moore offered guilty pleas to a pair of felonies — child abuse with negligence causing serious bodily injury and stalking that caused serious emotional distress — as well as misdemeanor invasion of privacy for purposes of sexual gratification.

These offenses could earn Moore up to eight years behind bars, but the sentencing range is wide. Moore's attorney stressed that "mandatory prison is not required at sentencing and...he will be eligible for probation," the Daily News notes. Even though the prosecutor said no deal had been struck, this prospect alarmed the father of one upskirted girl. He worried how his "terrorized" daughter would be impacted if Moore was allowed to go straight from his sentencing hearing to the streets.

Moore will learn his punishment in March, after he's undergone what's characterized as a "psycho-sexual evaluation." Look below to see his booking photo.

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