Dan Caplis.

Options for Dan Caplis' first show since Obama's election

KHOW afternoon-drive host Dan Caplis spent the election season demonizing Barack Obama in a surprisingly literal sense, portraying the Democratic presidential hopeful as a dangerous creature sure to destroy all that is good and true and right. So now that his predictions of a John McCain comeback victory have wound up in history's dustbin, how does he move forward? He's got two basic options.

A. He can be magnanimous, as McCain was in his concession speech last night, praising Obama for his historical achievement and urging his fellow conservatives to give the president-elect a fair shake -- to set aside grievances and suspicions, at least temporarily, and look for common ground in the struggle to preserve and strengthen the American dream. Or...

B. He can go into full panic mode. He can amp up the paranoia to even higher levels, warning everyone within the sound of his voice to be on the lookout for newly emboldened terrorists, class warriors and hypocritical liberals aching to wreak their vengeance on patriotic believers in traditional values. He can raise the alarm about drive-by abortionists, the forced marriage of devoted heterosexuals to members of their own gender and federally mandated atheism. He can advise homeowners to immediately start building bomb shelters, where they'll be able to hunker down with their Bibles and their guns in anticipation of an apocalypse caused by the American people being duped into supporting an anti-Christ in redeemer's clothing.

Please pick "B"! Please pick "B"! -- Michael Roberts

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