Our updated medical marijuana directory

This week, medical marijuana critic William Breathes goes in search of R4, which

Full Spectrum Labs

says tests higher for CBD -- the cannabinoid in ganja most able to ease muscle and joint pain -- than just about any other strain it's tested. But if you're not after that, there are dozens of other dispensaries in town that could answer your needs;

click here for our just-updated medical-marijuana dispensary directory


If you know of a center that should be listed here, or have updated information on one, send it ASAP to marijuana@westword.com -- or just post it below. We're in the process of compiling our listings for the next Chronic-le, which will hit the streets August 11 -- and the deadline for any changes to the directory is July 28.

Speaking of changes, we're going to move William Breathes's dispensary review time back a few hours -- to 4:20. Watch for it later this afternoon.

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