Page Six gossip columnist Cindy Adams has Denver by the balls

Cindy Adams.

The Democratic National Convention in Denver. Denver's a cow town. Doesn't mean what we're going to see here is the milk of human kindness. Means like what's coming is a large load of bull. Having covered these rah-rah sis-boom-bah hoo-has since Lincoln's day, I tell you Denver's a real thrill. Especially since it recently plummeted to 100 degrees. The only little cool air comes from bumping into a Hillary supporter.

Denver's wonderful. Nice air. Unlike New York, you don't even see it. Your eye can find the sky. Your eye can find the sun. But besides that there's not lots to see. One of the highest structures around is a silo. --Cindy Adams, Page Six, New York Post, August 25

Smell that? That cloying stink of morbidity, gin-soaked taffeta and Geritol? Yeah, that means the New York Post’s very own Page Six Crypt Keeper has descended on our fair city to talk shit, embarrass herself and piss me off. She’s written three columns about Denver and the DNC since arriving in town, each of them done in the choppy, borderline-retarded style of prose she invented while writing stump speeches for Lincoln back in the day. I’ve collected a few of her best nuggets:

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