Park Hill burglary suspects arrested, "junk" returned to at least one owner.

Police have arrested two teenagers suspected of a string of burglaries in Park Hill. Nineteen-year-old Zakee Toliver and his unnamed, seventeen-year-old buddy are being held for investigation of burglary. The pair allegedly broke into more than a dozen homes in the neighborhood, going in through open or unlocked doors and windows.

The arrests come as good news for Park Hill residents, who'd been sharing stories about how brazen these two shining examples of Denver youth were becoming -- allegedly holding one homeowner at knifepoint while they ransacked the home.

As one neighbor warned:

"Two nights ago someone came in through our back gate and broke into our house in the middle of the night while we were sleeping ...The man came in by lifting out the screen and climbing into the house through the window. He stole money and my camera out of my purse that was on the table (not my wallet?) and took my computer and phone that was sitting by the stove. We reported the incident to the police and ... one of the detectives asked if I had a GPS on my phone or computer. As it turns out, I did! We reactivated the phone and "Lo-Jack" put a trace on my computer! They found the %^&#@$# with my computer!!! He is now in jail and I have all my junk back. I am typing this on my very own computer! They think he is responsible for most of the neighborhood break-in's in Park Hill (14 in all)."

Although the DPD didn't return calls asking about that neighbor's account yesterday, they did send out a release trumpeting the arrests.

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