Patricia Forget: CU student allegedly forgets to stay off bicycle while drunk, cited for DUI

A February

CU Independent story

about the University of Colorado at Boulder's efforts to discourage on-campus smoking features a photo of student Patricia Forget happily puffing -- and judging by her

latest media appearance

, she should have stuck with cigarettes. She was cited this weekend for bicycling under the influence -- an offense that's becoming more common in Boulder. In August, we told you the story of

Jonas Rizzo, who reportedly crashed his bicycle into a car while trying to run a red light

. Police said he was visibly drunk at the time.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Rizzo was the third person to be ticketed for a bicycling DUI in the city up until that point in 2010, with five people getting similar treatment the previous year.

But the 2009 record isn't exactly safe.

For her part, Forget is said to have wiped out twice as she attempted to cross over a median on Saturday. When an officer pulled her over, she reportedly said, "I shouldn't ride my bike home. I'm too drunk" -- a suspicion presumably confirmed by a breathalyzer test, which registered her blood-alcohol content at 0.215, more than double the legal limit.

Oh, yeah: Someone apparently was busted for biking while soused between Rizzo and Forget. The Camera reports that there have now been five citations in 2010 -- which means that if someone else is ticketed before year's end, Boulder will be in modern-record territory.

Not that anyone should regard that as a challenge...

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Anthony Prince: "Dumb and Dumber" bandit's book angers Vail teller."

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