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Patton Oswalt, Twitter celebrities (mostly) rip Obama's Denver debate performance

On Twitter after last night's presidential debate at the University of Denver, comedian Mark Agee wrote, "So everyone agrees Romney lied, and everyone agrees Romney won. Interesting country we have."

Such sentiments were common among celebrities on the Twittersphere -- including comic Patton Oswalt, who ripped President Obama a new one, and even at least one Obama campaign surrogate. See a sampling below.

The theme of Oswalt's multi-tweet analysis was Rocky, as you can see by this post-debate message.

That was followed by a point-by-point breakdown concentrating on the idea that style can triumph over substance under the right circumstances.

And then back to the Sylvester Stallone series for this:

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What about other luminaries, most of whom (to continue the boxing imagery) are in Obama's corner? Well, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who traveled to Denver this summer to campaign for Obama, somehow found something to get excited about in the president's performance. But Grey's Anatomy heartthrob Jesse Williams, another Obama-for-president Denver visitor, had a less effusive take.

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