Paulo dos Santos Silva accused of flying to Grand Junction to molest four-year-old

The criminal complaint against Paul dos Santos Silva, Jr., a Brazilian national, is among the most repulsive documents of its kind you'll ever read.

Why? It features extended online conversations in which he shares his desires to molest a four-year-old -- and that's only the beginning of his shocking fantasies.

In December, as described in the complaint, on view below in its entirety, an ICE agent doing undercover work online was posing as "Genny," a woman with a fourteen-year-old stepdaughter, Ronny, and a four-year-old daughter, Sarah. Before long, she began chatting with a person who used the screen names MstrJohn or Mstr_John, and the talk turned to sex with the underage girls.

"I'm not looking for a quick fuck," MstrJohn insisted. "I'm looking for something real long term."

Later in the conversation, MstrJohn revealed that he lived in Brazil but would be willing to fly to the United States to "play" with both girls. When "Genny" expressed surprise that he was also interested in such activity with the four-year-old, he responded, "I'm not saying full blown sex, as we would do with your step-dau... but the way I see it, she should learn how to please a man... specially your man, if things come to it."

What did he mean? "I was thinking like about her learning, from you, how to nurse on my shaft... being fingered slowly... making her feel real good, you know?" He added that the age range of women that interested him was "from todlers [sic] to mommies."

It gets worse. In an online conversation two days later, MstrJohn notes that he would "love to raise a sex active girl from birth." When Genny asks, "Get her started right away?," he replies, "Yes... feeding her daddy's milk... rubbing her as she's nursed." A few weeks after that, he writes that he would "want to finger Sarah's ass until she's able to take my cock inside of her." His ultimate goal? "To have both Sarah and your oldest as very active sexual vixens."

MstrJohn also shared a photo of his penis and a video in which he said hello to Genny and her little girls.

By February, MstrJohn had revealed that his first name was Paulo, and further investigation traced his identity to Silva, born in 1974 and living in Rio de Janeiro. He subsequently made arrangements to fly to the Grand Junction Regional Airport on February 25, and upon his arrival, he reiterated his base desires -- at which point he was arrested. He's been charged with two offenses: travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct and travel with intent to engage in a sexual act with a person under twelve years of age.

At Silva's first court hearing, the judge ordered that he be held without bond. Seems like a damn fine idea. Look below to see a video report about the incident from KREX-TV in Grand Junction, the aforementioned criminal complaint and a larger version of Silva's mug shot.

Paulo Dos Santos Silva Jr. Complaint

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