Pendulum Foundation Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign

Although the mandatory life without parole sentence for first degree murder no longer applies to juveniles in Colorado, the fight continues for the 45 people who are still serving life sentences for murders that they committed before turning 18.

Still in the corner of the juvie LWOPs, as they’ve become known, is the Pendulum Foundation, an advocacy group that was instrumental in changing the law to at least allow juvies convicted a shot at parole in 40 years. In the meantime, Pendulum hopes to keep raising money for scholarships for some of those serving LWOP, lobby the new juvenile clemency board set up by the governor, and to launch a 2010 ballot initiative to lower sentences for all current and future juveniles convicted as adults.

The fundraising kicks off at 8 p.m. Thursday at D-Note in Arvada, 7519 Grandview Avenue, with food and live music.

For more information, call the D-Note at 303-463-6683. -- Luke Turf

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