Cyanide -- it's not just for Nazi leaders anymore.

Peter Boyles keeps cyanide story alive

The bizarre death-by-cyanide of Abdirahman Dirie, a Somali native turned Canadian citizen whose body was found in Denver's Burnsley Hotel earlier this month, has been ruled a suicide, and the modest amount of space devoted to the report by the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News suggests that the dailies feel the story is now dead, too. But not KHOW's Peter Boyles, who's legendarily dogged when he gets his teeth into a topic -- and he's been gnawing at this one all week.

During his August 21 show, he continued pounding away at the Dirie tale, referencing an article on the National Terror Alert website entitled "One Man Terror Cell: The New Face of al Queda" in between historical tidbits -- like his note that Adolf Hitler killed himself with cyanide, too, which puts Dirie in infamous company. (For what it's worth, this Washington Post article touches on disputes about whether Hitler took cyanide, shot himself or both.) Boyles' mantra: "It doesn't add up."

Is he right? Decide for yourself by lending an ear to a podcast from Boyles' latest program, accessible here. -- Michael Roberts

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