Peter Boyles still publicizing Obama birth-certificate story

Philip J. Berg, Esquire.

As mainstream Republicans in Colorado and beyond try to figure out what went wrong on election day, conservatives on the fringes continue to hype stories that didn't quite scare the electorate enough prior to the vote -- and local talk radio is still giving them a forum. Case in point: During this morning's 6 a.m. broadcasting segment, KHOW's Peter Boyles played host to Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the man behind, who's among the nation's most vigorous promoters of the theory that President-elect Barack Obama was born outside the United States and therefore isn't Constitutionally qualified to serve in the nation's highest office. This story has been shot down repeatedly by the Obama campaign and many others, but that hasn't dissuaded Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who's filed a writ with the U.S. Supreme Court on the subject.

How much longer will such loonbaggery go on? As long as listeners to Boyles and other yakkers keep tuning in to hear it. Which could be a very long time. -- Michael Roberts

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