Philip Rivers more insufferable than Tim Tebow, says SB Nation -- so bet on Broncos win Monday

Good news, Broncos fans: SB Nation editor Andrew Sharp advises bettors to put their money on the Broncos versus San Diego on Monday. But part of his rationale won't thrill

Tim Tebow lovers

, even if he does take a well-aimed shot at

Chargers quarterback and well-known dick Philip Rivers


Here's Sharp's take about the game, in which Denver is an underdog by more than ten points. The emphasis is his:

Any line that makes you do a double-take and say, "Wait a second, didn't they WIN by __ points on Sunday?" is probably a terrible line. Take Denver, because 10 points is too much. And Phillip Rivers is actually more insufferable than Tim Tebow, when you think about it.

C'mon now, Andrew. All Tebow's done this season is score touchdowns -- even passing for one last week in the Broncos' blowout win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Otherwise, he's mostly been sitting quietly on the bench, while Rivers has put up his usual big numbers while leading the Chargers to a less-than-sterling 4-5 record. Compared to him, Tebow's a saint.

Or at least well on his way to becoming one -- but that's another story.

Then again, anybody who sees Rivers as insufferable is okay in our book...

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