Photo: Denver Post caption error even cracks up Prince Charles!

When news broke in April that the Denver Post would lay off around two-thirds of its copy editors, some observers predicted a reign of error -- and there have certainly been some notable gaffes. But none have been funnier than the so-called "real caption" in a reader contest to come up with silly descriptions of a Prince Charles photo.

Here's a larger scan of the shot, by Jon Bond for WPA Pool/Getty Images.

The Post asked readers to come up with new captions for the shot. The paper's favorites among the submissions were:

"Camilla, maybe we could hire this chap to make cover-up outfits for Harry and Kate!"

"The royals share a good laugh when Chalres [sic] tries to smoke the 'pipe' rather than beat the drum."

"Fifty shades of Charles."

Still, none of these can compare to what's described as the "real caption." Here it is:

Yes, you read it right. The caption reads, "this is the caption and it will go on for as many words as it takes to make five lines, like this. this is the caption and it will go on for as many words as it takes."

Egad! The Post has inadvertently revealed the key to journalism. Now everyone will know that captions, articles and everything else spewed out by the press go on for as many words as it takes! The secret's out!

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