Photo: Eddie Royal, ex-Broncos receiver, feeling the pinch of high gas prices?

How outrageous are gas prices these days? Outrageous enough that a professional athlete who just signed a multi-million-dollar contract is bitching about them.

The baller in question is ex-Broncos receiver Eddie Royal. Check out this photo he recently posted to his Facebook page.

Accompanying this photo is the note, "Anybody wanna buy an Escalade smh."

As those of you up to date on texting abbreviations know, the last three letters stand for "Scratching My Head" -- which is an appropriate response considering that during the off-season, Royal gave up his Broncos uni in exchange for a three-year, $13.5 million pact with the San Diego Chargers, $6 million of which is guaranteed.

Then again, moving from Denver to San Diego makes some degree of sticker-shock understandable. As one commenter among the hundreds who responded wrote, "Dude...what were you thinking when you left Denver? Gas here is $1 cheaper and Manning is going to be throwing passes this year."

This first assertion is debatable: If there's anywhere around here selling gas for $3.49, please let the rest of us know. (I felt pretty good, relatively speaking, paying $3.73 the other day.) But there's no argument about the latter. Here's hoping the receivers who stuck around will make enough from playoff bonuses to keep filling their oversized SUVs no matter how expensive gas gets. Then again, maybe a Prius is a better idea....

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