Photo: Insulting Broncos sign in Las Vegas still stirring anger a week-plus after Super Bowl

More than a week after the Broncos' Super Bowl loss to Seattle, plenty of fans are still sensitive to the size and scope of the defeat.

An example? At this writing, one of the five most viewed posts on the Colorado Springs Gazette website is an article from Las Vegas about a bar that put up a sign after the game claiming that the "Broncos couldn't beat the sick kids at St. Judes."

Here's a larger look at the sign.

The February 7 piece shared in the Gazette, which originally ran in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, notes that the venue, the Blind Tiger Bar & Grill, took some social media heat for the message. But on the Facebook page of Sin City, a Vegas nightspot that loves to post photos of women wearing microscopic lingerie, the reaction to a post on the subject is actually quite mixed, with negative responses like these....

I am guessing none of you have ever had a child endure cancer? How very inhumane of you to even comment.

Lame, not even witty, just ignorant.

I think there is a better way to compare how shitty the Broncos did. Insulting sick little kids is wrong.

...balanced by plenty of get-over-it posts:
There is a lot more shit going on in the world that is more offensive then a damn sign!!! Look around!!!

Seems funny to me. I bet you'd laugh if a comedian or your drinking buddy said it. People need to stop being offended at everything.

Offensive? Grow the fuck up.

A similar disparity exists among comments at the Gazette. This reader thinks those bothered by the sign are a bigger problem than the people who put it up....
Oh boo hoo. This country is becoming nothing but a bunch of whiny, i deserve everything handed to me, thin skinned, I can do whatever I want, but you can't if you don't agree with me. Seems to me people better start putting on their "big boy" pants and quit worrying about what's not important and start worrying about what is.
...while another person counters with this:
Because making a joke about children dying of cancer is totally cool.
Even in Colorado, however, defenses of the Broncos were few and far between. For instance:
Insensitive to St Jude' s kids? Maybe. Overstatement? Not on last Sunday. Frankly I'll bet the St Jude kids got a kick out of it.

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