Photos: 9News sixtieth-anniversary quiz

9News is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary by, among other things, spotlighting some veterans of the station. Bet you recognize several of the folks in this shot -- but can you name them and other glory-days vets? To find out, we've put together a quiz featuring vintage screen shots of ten past personalities, along with hints about their background, followed by the answers. Test your 9News knowledge below.

Source for our clues: the KUSA-TV Wikipedia page.

1. Anchor/news director (1967-1984?; deceased) 2. Morning anchor/reporter (1977?-1984; now anchor at KMGH in Denver) 3. Weather anchor (1979-1996; deceased) 4. Chief meteorologist (1969-1988; deceased) 5. Anchor (1970s-1991) Continue for the next five photo-questions in our 9News sixtieth anniversary quiz. 6. Anchor (1974-2000, 2003; now retired and living in Denver) 7. Sports reporter (1980s) 8. Anchor (1977-1993; now anchor at KMGH in Denver) 9. Sports reporter (197?-1996; retired) 10. 9 Wants to Know investigative reporter/fill-in anchor (1979?-2009; retired) Continue for the answers to our 9News sixtieth-anniversary quiz. In the photo above: John Rayburn, Paula Woodward, Ron Mitchell, Ed Sardella and current staffer Gary Shapiro (front row, left to right); engineer Bill Boyer, producer Jack Maher and director Bob Pusatory (back row, left to right).

Quiz answers:

1. Carl Akers 2. Bertha Lynn 3. Bill Kuster 4. Leon "Stormy" Rottman 5. Linda Benzel 6. Ed Sardella 7. Gary Cruz 8. Mike Landess 9. Mike Nolan 10. Paula Woodward

More from our Media archive: "Paula Woodward opens up -- a little -- about her decision to leave 9News."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.