Photos: Can you name this Denver TV personality and eight others from kid pics?

Yes, it's true: The chopper-challenged youngster seen here is all grown up and now appears regularly on Denver television -- specifically CBS4, which is sharing his photo and plenty more pics of news personalities during their formative years as part of a highly entertaining slide show.

Can you guess who's who? We've chosen nine vintage snapshots of staffers. Check out our picks over the next two pages of the post. Then click to page three to learn their identifies and see how they look today.

Number 1: Number 2: Number 3: Number 4: Number 5: Continue to see more photos of local TV personalities as kids -- and the way they look today. Number 6: Number 7: Number 8: Number 9: Continue to find out who's who and see photos of the TV personalities today. Number 1: Brooke Rogers Number 2: Gloria Neal Number 3: Jennifer Brice Number 4: Jim Benemann Number 5: Justin McHeffey Number 6: Karen Leigh Number 7: Lauren Whitney Number 8: Tom Mustin Number 9: Joel Hillan

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