Photos: Ernesto Wiedenbrug, cyclist, killed in hit and run, no suspects yet

Earlier today, we told you about the death of a Jefferson County deputy after his motorcycle was struck by Kenneth Hosch, age 83. And another weekend incident further underscores the vulnerability of two-wheeled vehicles on roadways.

On Saturday, cyclist Ernesto Wiedenbrug, 46, was killed in a hit-and-run incident near Windsor, and the Colorado State Patrol says it needs the help of the public to bring justice to the person who caused his death.

A Fort Collins resident originally from Argentina, Wiedenbrug's LinkedIn profile identifies him as the technology manager for eta Scientific Inc., whose website describes the firm as "a Colorado, USA start-up company founded to provide products and services to the industrial electric motor industry that assist manufacturers, service providers and end users in achieving higher levels of efficiency, reliability and quality. The company is currently engaged in the development of proprietary technologies that will enable breakthrough capabilities for industrial motor efficiency testing and management. Our target customers are motor repair facilities, motor manufacturers and large end-users."

Wiedenbrug, whose LinkedIn credits also list him as a past visiting professor at Korea University and industry advisory board member at Colorado State University, has a number of patents under his name according to -- among them one entitled "Portable system for immotive multiphasic motive force electrical machine testing."

His loss has shaken to his family, friends and loved ones. His sister in law in Argentina notes in a Facebook post that that "we are destroyed," adding, "We need your prayers." She asks those who knew him to celebrate his life.

As for the manner in which that life ended, Sergeant Mike Baker, public information officer for the Colorado State Patrol, says troopers responded at 5:44 p.m. Saturday, January 25, "on the western frontage road of I-25 just south of Kechter Street.

"The cyclist was traveling northbound on the frontage road when another vehicle also traveling northbound struck Ernesto," he goes on. Although Wiedenbrug was wearing a helmet, the injuries he suffered proved fatal. He was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

At this point, the CSP is on the lookout for what Baker describes as "a silver passenger vehicle with possible damage on the front right and maybe the right side of the windshield." Given the vagueness of the description (investigators don't know if it was a car, truck or SUV), Baker and company are hoping a person in the vicinity at the time of the crash saw something. If so, they're encouraged to contact Trooper Ben Simpson at 303-239-4501.

Meanwhile, Baker cites the death of the Jeffco trooper as well as the accident that killed Wiedenburg when offering a reminder to motorists. "Even during the winter months, the weather can be unseasonably warm," he points out -- and indeed, the conditions at the time of both incidents were far from bitter or stormy. "So we need to watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists. In Colorado, you should expect to see those vehicles at all times of the year."

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