Aurora Theater Shooting

Photos: James Holmes ultra-realistic Halloween mask listed on eBay for $500

No, it's not surprising that someone would create a mask of accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes just in time for Halloween -- not given the continuing fascination with the man at the center of various James Holmes is Innocent Facebook pages.

But the item itself, seen from two angles in a still-active eBay listing that sets the initial bid at $500, is still disturbing, as you'll see in larger photos on view below.

The listing, which expires a little more than a week from now, features the following description:

Halloween is only a month away. SHOCK EVERYONE YOU KNOW! He was referred to as "The Joker", "The Dark Knight Shooter," "The Ilama," "The Extraordinary Gifted" but his real name is JAMES HOLMES! There is nothing more scary than crawling into James Holmes mind and wearing his face. His "soul penetrating eyes" and "The Joker" orange hair makes this mask the most disturbing object you will ever own. Imagine owning the mask of supposedly the most dangerous mass murderer in US history. This is a high quality latex rubber mask which was custom designed for a private collector overseas. I won this mask playing high stakes poker tournament when I was in Europe. I guaranty you that this is the only mask in the world and it is practically priceless because it was used in the production of the most controversy documentary which will come out in 2013. This mask is sold as is and there are no returns. If you have 0 feedback and you are interested to bid on this item you have to contact me first. I will ship the mask immediately after I receive the payment. Good luck!
No additional details about the documentary noted above -- and no bids thus far for the mask, which reflects Holmes's previous look, as opposed to the one captured in his most recent (and controversial) mug shot. Maybe it's even too creepy for Holmes obsessives. Or perhaps the price is too high -- in many different ways.

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