Photos: Johns photos from Denver cops' reverse prostitution stings

Last week, the Denver Police Department released information about so-called johns stings, which resulted in the arrests of 29 people for soliciting prostitution, plus six prostitutes.

Below are photos representing eleven individuals swept up in the operation -- and getting them wasn't easy.

Back in January, the DPD conducted a similar sting, this one focused on prostitutes rather than their customers -- and afterward, the department sent photos of fourteen people, including HIV-positive multiple-arrestee Darren Garcia, to a slew of media organizations, including this one.

This time around, Denver Police offered only a release about the results of two so-called "Reverse Prostitution Operations" conducted by the vice unit in north and west Denver -- locations chosen because of complaints there. The DPD revealed that 29 people were arrested for soliciting prostitution and/or agreeing to an act of prostitution. Add to that the arrests of six alleged prostitutes as a result of multiple street-level prostitution operations and the total came to 35 people busted for prostitution-related activities and/or active arrest warrants -- none of them named. On top of that, 23 vehicles were seized.

Immediately thereafter, we contacted the DPD, asking for the names and photos of all of the johns arrested. The department quickly came through with monikers and information related to eleven of the 29; at this writing, we've been unable to secure details about the other eighteen.

Regarding the photos, we were initially told last week that "investigators don't want the pictures out there right now" -- which didn't make much sense, since the people had already been arrested and charged. This week, however, the photos for the aforementioned eleven were made available to us at the cost of a processing fee.

Does the difference in the way the January prostitution photos and the May johns images represent a double standard? After all, a recent study of Denver prostitution enforcement suggested that many cops view prostitutes as drug-addicted criminals and johns as regular guys.

This time around, though, the DPD didn't send out photos or names of either prostitutes or johns until we requested the latter. In that sense, the treatment was equal.

Look below to see the photos we received, complete with name, date of birth and the charge or charges. As you'll see, not all of the men are specifically accused of solicitation, although the department tells us all of the suspects were arrested as a result of the aforementioned stings.

Enrique Rivera (04/26/1991) Code 5 -- Denver Probation Violation Felony Larceny 10CR2807 Franklin Self (01/21/1965) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Page down to see more photos of johns arrested in the Denver Police's reverse prostitution stings. Jesus Marin-Alonso (05/08/1970) The Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Juan Martinez (01/08/1975) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Junior Linarez-Chevez (03/28/1984) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Page down to see more photos of johns arrested in the Denver Police's reverse prostitution stings. Kurt Lacasella (11/06/1966) Interference, Code 5 -- Adams County 12W-170 Larceny & 11W-2220 DOMV Assault Nevil Hager (09/30/1966) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Reynaldo Morero-Noa (01/05/1946) Threats to Injure Page down to see more photos of johns arrested in the Denver Police's reverse prostitution stings. Sesar Garcia-Emilean (02/25/1982) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Shawn Valdez (10/20/1989) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution William Barela (10/24/1956) Prostitution/Solicitation For Prostitution Follow and like the Michael Roberts/Westword Facebook page.

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