Photos: Lee the Horselogger rolls through Denver on cross-country trip benefiting nothing

A guy rolled through Denver today -- and down the bus lane in Broadway -- in a massive double-carriage contraption pulled buy six big brown horses. The whole thing looked sort of like a homeless guy with a shopping cart, but on the Oregon Trail. Apparently, he is Lee the Horselogger and he is traveling across country, from Oregon to the East Coast, for no reason. "Lee has no agenda, is not endorsing or protesting anything. He is not raising money for a cause or selling anything," reads his Facebook page. "He is just living life to the fullest."

And accepting donations for hay, beets and food for his horse. To read more about Lee the Horselogger, go to his Facebook page or check out this story from Northern Colorado in the North Forty News.

Watch out, rest of America. Because he's coming.

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