Photos: Look Inside Aurora Theater Shooter's Booby-Trapped Apartment

Now that the trial of Aurora theater shooter James Holmes is finally, blessedly over, mountains of evidence that had previously been off-limits to the public is being released.

Among the most fascinating and horrifying material to surface thus far was obtained by 9News: video from the bomb robot used in Holmes's apartment, which he'd booby-trapped with a slew of improvised explosive devices that could easily have led to loss of life or injuries beyond the twelve deaths and seventy injuries he caused at the Aurora Century 16 on July 20, 2012.

Testimony about the apartment revealed the extent to which Holmes had gone to turn is home into a death trap. But seeing the items from ground level makes it even more remarkable that law-enforcers and investigators managed to get inside without setting anything off.

Below, see a small sampling of the images, followed by unedited footage from the bomb robot — well over an hour's worth. To see many more photos, as well as additional video clips, visit the full 9News gallery by clicking here.

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